Reverse Board & Batten

Whether you want a rustic looking cottage or a contemporary look for your commercial building, reverse board and batten is very versatile. Because board and batten material is durable as well as aesthetically pleasing, it is a fantastic choice for siding.

What Is the Difference Between Board and Batten and Reverse Board and Batten?

Board and Batten is siding that is created by using real wood including cedar, redwood, pine, white oak, engineered wood and many others. The combination of two different sized boards is what makes the sleek, long lines that can be either vertical or horizontal.

The boards are generally about a foot wide. On the other hand, batten is narrow and about a half an inch wide. The batten is placed over the board’s seams. On the contrary, reverse board and batten gets its name because it is literally the opposite of board and batten. The boards are narrow and the batten that is installed on the boards is wider.

Benefits of reverse board and batten include, but are not limited to:

  • Aesthetics – This style creates a country design, but can also look contemporary.
  • Longevity – The building material used is durable and weathers well.
  • Maintenance – If a board or batten is damaged it can easily be replaced.

If you are looking for siding that comes with many options from type of lumber to style and more, then reverse board and batten is the perfect solution for you. We are proud to assist our customers with any questions about our building materials, as we have a great deal of experience. For exceptional siding materials, contact the experts at Scott’s Lumber today!

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