5 Steps for Planning Your Next Home Improvement Project

What’s On YOUR List?

You’re spending quite a bit of time at home these days. All that time in the house is making you start to think about your list. You know, the list you’ve had in your head (or maybe already written down) for years – replace that old siding, add an extra bathroom, build the kitchen of my dreams. Maybe you’re thinking, “can I get that done, or at least start the planning process?”

Does this describe you? If you’re ready to take on your next home improvement project, here are five steps to help you get going.

1. State Your Vision

So – you’ve picked a project to tackle. Now you need to ask yourself, “what is my end goal?” Picture your ideal outcome, and then write it down!

For some projects, this is a simple task (replace roof, update windows, add a deck, etc.). For others, the process is more involved. 

With interior spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, there can be many details to consider. When you think about the function and utility of the space, what do you see? How does traffic flow? How much storage do you need, and how are things organized? Are appliances or fixtures being added or replaced?

Next, consider aesthetics! Do you prefer lighter or darker colors? Visible wood grain or painted? Does the space need more light, or maybe a different kind of light?

Download our free Home Improvement Project Planner to help you develop your vision!

A caveat – though it’s great to have a detailed vision of what you want, it’s NOT necessary to solve every design problem or pick out every brand, material, or color by yourself. Our experts are here to walk you through step-by-step and come up with solutions to meet your needs. 

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2. Organize Your Inspiration

In addition to writing out your vision, it’s helpful to curate a collection of images that reflect what you’re looking to create in your home. Many people do this on sites like Pinterest or Houzz, but you can also just make a folder on your desktop or start a note or a photo album on your phone and fill it with screenshots. Find imagery that shows both the functionality and the aesthetics of what you want in your home.

Need a place to start? Check out our Products page for information on the brands we carry and links to their sites.

3. Set Your Budget

Assuming you’ve been dreaming about this project for a while, it’s likely that you have at least a rough figure in mind for your budget. But you probably haven’t broken it down in any detail just yet. You’ll need to consider materials and labor, local permits and fees, and factor in a small amount for any unexpected costs. A good first step would be to take your vision statement and mark your top priorities (where you want to allocate the bulk of your budget). Think of the “good, better, best” model for products – which areas are you okay with “good” and which absolutely need to be “best”?

As you plan, keep in mind there are many reasons to consider financing all or part of your project. Scott’s Lumber can offer zero percent financing through our Wells Fargo program to help you flex your investment in your home and keep your cash flow under control.

Check out our free printable Home Improvement Budget Planner to help you get organized!

4. Build Your Team

With your vision, inspiration and budget in hand, it’s time to move forward! Our team of experts will assist you with product selection, draw up your plans and connect you with a contractor. There are several ways to get started:

Schedule a Virtual Design Consultation. We are now offering Virtual Design Consultations utilizing easy to use video chat and screen share software. Our designers can help you with materials, designs and more, all from the comfort of your home. Click here to request an appointment.

Request a quote. Submit your contact information and a brief description of your project and we’ll reach out to you. Click here to request a quote.

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5. Create Your Schedule

Once your team is in place, you’ll start to develop a schedule for your project. Scott’s Lumber and your contractor will work with you to lay it all out step by step and ensure that everything gets completed efficiently, safely and to your satisfaction.

Whether you want to start your project as soon as possible, are just exploring options, or any stage in between, we are here to help make your vision a reality – on your schedule. Get in touch and let us know what’s on your list!

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