Wood Siding

It’s undeniable that wood siding is highly coveted for its many benefits, such as durability, longevity and beautiful aesthetic appeal. Wood has a rustic and classic charm that is unsurpassable. Because of its quality, wood siding is typically the most desired siding for a home or commercial building.

From Victorian classic, to beachfront charm, to contemporary and sleek modern design, wood siding can create many different styles. This gives the homeowner or business owner plenty of options for finding the right fit.

Your Ideal Style

Customizing your structure to your preference is a great advantage of wood siding. Because of the many types of wood available, as well as styles, you can determine the appearance and characteristics you want. Types of lumber you can choose from include cedar, redwood, pine, spruce, fir, and white oak, among others. In addition to the type of wood, there are also several styles of wood siding that will give it a different look. Popular styles include shakes, shingles, lap wood, board and batten (link to board and batten page), channel, tongue-and-groove, bevel (clapboard), split log and more.

Superior Durability

With proper maintenance, wood siding will last the life of the building. Once installed it will need to be primed and painted or stained for protection. Other occasional maintenance may include caulking.

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Brands of Wood Siding

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