T1-11 Siding

If you’re looking for cost-effective and durable building materials, T1-11 may be the best option for your project. It has two major grades to choose from, wood or wood-based. The most common types are plywood and OSB (Oriented Strand board).

While plywood is the more expensive out of the two, it is by far the more superior choice since it is much more durable. Because real wood siding has fewer problems, it is always a better option. The benefit of plywood is that it is a less expensive alternative to cedar siding, while having a similar rustic style.

Benefits of T1-11

The advantage of plywood is that it can be painted any color you like, or stained to keep the look of natural wood. Depending on your taste, it can also be sanded to obtain the appearance you want. Once it is painted or primed it will be more durable.

T1-11 is known as an environmentally friendly material and is commonly used for sheds and barns. It is easy to install and is also durable when properly taken care of. With regular maintenance, it will be protected from weather elements such as heat, rain and fading from the sun. This upkeep involves re-applying a new protective coat every few years.

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