Soffit Systems

Ventilation is at its best when it’s invisible. Soffit systems provide your home with discrete air circulation, while also providing durability and performance. Scott’s Lumber carries many different types of soffit systems to fit your needs.

Soffit is offered in an array of styles and sizes to provide beauty to your home while protecting areas with a durable finish. It allows air to circulate, which helps prevent rotting and decay that can be caused by moisture buildup. The ventilation helps prevent nesting insect infiltration and makes it easy for air to filter through. Adding soffit to your home also gives it the classic charm and unmatched character that is unlike any other. Each soffit system that we carry is available in multiple profiles, textures and colors, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect one to match your home. You can get the exact color that you want, and can use it to cover, ventilate or as a siding accent. Soffit systems prevents hot air from creeping into your attic in the summer and moisture from accruing in the winter. It is ventilated just the right amount to promote air circulation, yet still manage to keep attics cool and dry. Soffit systems are easy to handle, install and maintain for both homeowners and builders.

For precision and expertise when deciding on a soffit system, let Scott’s Lumber help. With our decades of experience, we carry the best in the business and answer all your questions. Let us help you with your project!

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