Board & Batten

Do you want a home that has beautiful and durable siding? If you’re looking to create a stunning design, without compromising material stability, then board and batten siding is the perfect option.

What Is Board and Batten?

Board and batten siding is a design that consists of long, vertical boards that vary in size depending on the look you desire. Wider boards are used along with narrow boards to create clean, vertical lines. Board and batten siding is the perfect choice for country residential homes, such as cottages or cabins, as well as commercial buildings, such as restaurants, shopping centers, lodges and more.

Benefits of Board and Batten

When you are considering building materials for your home or commercial construction project, natural wood always has a plethora of benefits. Because board and batten can be designed with many different types of wood, your structure is guaranteed to have the style and high quality you want. Other characteristics of board and batten are:

  • Well-known – It’s been around for a long time, so home builders are familiar with it.
  • Design – It has classic and traditional charm.
  • Durable – It weathers well.
  • Ease of maintenance – A missing or damaged board can easily be replaced.

Most common types of lumber used in board and batten siding are:

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Hemlock
  • Locust
  • White Oak
  • Vinyl
  • Engineered wood

Because board and batten comes in a wide variety of materials, you can easily find the style that fits your personal preference. Another advantage of this siding is the range of colors from warm, earthy tones to lighter, contemporary colors. While this type of siding is most popular for country cottages, cabins and barns, it can also be integrated into a design that is sleek and modern for either homes or businesses.

If you are looking for siding that has plenty of options, increases aesthetics, and is solid and reliable, then board and batten is your solution. To learn more about our excellent siding materials, contact Scott’s Lumber today!

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