Klauer Siding

Klauer Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business located in Dubuque, Iowa that has earned a reputation in the sheet metal building products industry. Klauer is committed to excellence. Peter Klauer founded the business in 1870 and since the business has remained owned and operated by family members. For over 125 years, Klauer has produced top-of-the-line building products for residential, agricultural and commercial construction projects. Recently, Klauer products were named as one of the most sustainable, energy efficient and eco-friendly metal building materials.


Klauer Manufacturing Company offers a complete line of state-of-the-art metal building products including the following:

  • Galvanized steel roofing and siding
  • Ventilation systems in various styles, profiles and lengths
  • Metal trim products in assorted styles and more than 130 colors
  • Pre-painted and galvanized steel gutter and downspout systems with a variety of different accessories and fittings

Siding Products

Klauer Manufacturing Company is committed to research, continual improvements and innovative technology. Their recent advancements in technology and new product offerings reflect this commitment. The solid color steel siding products, known as Klauer Classic, are manufactured with a new and improved process that utilizes a pre-treatment method and primer that enhances the flexibility, integrity and adherence of the coating. This allows a greater protection against scrapes and imperfections. The printed color siding system known as Klauer Prestige, also utilize this new and improved manufacturing process and pre-treatment and primer method. Both products are finished with a silicone topcoat that enhances adhesion and flexibility and allows for higher performance in harsh weather conditions. Klauer products are built to last. If your products are properly installed, they are guaranteed to resist normal weathering conditions for 40 years.

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