Eldorado Stone Siding

Eldorado Stone offers authentic products at an affordable price. Eldorado Stone has a deep commitment to authenticity and excellence. All stones are handcrafted by artisans for a precision that is unrivaled. During the manufacturing process, every piece of stone is produced from the mold of a natural stone. Afterwards, experienced craftsmen sort through the many stones to select only the products that complement each other and have the perfect measurements, shape, texture and detail. Eldorado Stone uses natural mineral oxides to infuse the stones and bricks with vivid, precise hues of color. Every stone and brick is hand picked in order to ensure high quality.


Stone and brick veneer siding is revolutionary. Its innovative design enhances both indoor and outdoor walls. Whether you are working on the exterior of a building, an indoor fireplace, an outdoor poolside or decorative architectural accents, Eldorado Stone offers state-of-the-art products guaranteed for lasting performance. The bricks and stones lock together like puzzle pieces, which makes the siding easy to install. Stone and brick siding is decorative, durable and versatile. There is no need to limit yourself to one product. Blending two types of stone with different profiles provides the opportunity for exceptional beauty and distinctiveness. Eldorado stone and brick siding materials come in numerous color palettes that make blending products extraordinary and easy.

Selecting The Right Products

Narrowing down your search can be difficult. Consider the following elements when selecting products for your project:

  • Design Style
    • Traditional
    • Modern
  • Shape of Materials
    • Rectangular
    • Linear
    • Round
    • Irregular
  • Color Palette
    • Greys
    • Browns
    • Reds/Burgundies
    • Blacks
    • Greens
    • Golds
    • Creams
  • Architectural Design
    • European
    • Victorian
    • Contemporary
    • Farmhouse/Mountain
    • Colonial
    • Beach/Coastal

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