Boulder Creek Stone Siding

Why Use Boulder Creek Stone?

Boulder Creek Stone is committed to excellence. All products are manufactured with aesthetics in mind and distributed to partners, like Scott’s Lumber, who delivers an equitably high-quality of service. Boulder Creek Stone employs an eco-friendly manufacturing process that consumes fewer natural resources and produces a smaller amount of harmful waste. Almost all of the water used in the manufacturing process is collected and reused. Boulder Creek Stone has a deep respect for the earth and it is reflected in the high-quality products made from roughly 35% recycled materials. Boulder Creek Stone products are lightweight and constructed for easy installation. All products can be installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Benefits of Stone Siding

There are many benefits to working with stone products. Stone is a cost-effective siding material. Costs vary by style, thickness and accessories. There are a wide variety of different natural stone siding products available. From used brick to travertine, there is a vast selection of different blends, thicknesses and styles to choose from. Depending on your project and desired style, there are chisel faced textured stones available and smooth and rounded stones.

For more information regarding the different Boulder Creek Stone siding materials we offer, visit Scott’s Lumber. Just like Boulder Creek Stone, we are committed to excellence. We have been helping homeowners, architects, contractors and design professionals find high-quality siding materials for both commercial and residential applications for more than 100 years.

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