Composite Roofing

Are you looking for high-quality roofing materials that will help to increase the value of your property? At Scott’s Lumber, we offer a number of composite roofing options that will bring a level of sophistication to your space without the high cost. With 32 locations and over 100 years of experience in the lumber and building industry, you can trust us to guide you in the right direction. Composite roofing has become increasingly popular in the remodeling world and can offer you plenty of benefits during the installation process. These advantages include:


One reason that composite roofing has become so popular is the natural appearance. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and can match the rest of the building with ease. This is great for people that have particular taste and want their roof to reflect their property’s style.


Composite roofing is a great choice if you are working with a budget. Due to the simplicity of the material and minimal installation time, the overall project will be much less expensive.

Protects Against Mold

Finding mold on your roofing can be extremely expensive and difficult to overcome. Mold on the roof can easily lead to mold in other parts of the building, which creates an unsafe environment. Luckily, composite roofing is manufactured to ward off moisture build-up.


Due to the lightweight qualities of composite roofing, the installation process will be much more simple. In addition, the weight of composite roofing requires less reinforcement, which means less chance of damage to your roof.

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