Asphalt Roofing

At Scott’s Lumber, we understand that both homeowners and contractors tend to work within a specific budget. That is why it is important to us that we find you the best quality products for the most affordable prices. When you are looking for high-quality types of roofing, Scott’s Lumber is the place to go. We have all types of brands and products necessary to put a perfect roof over your head. Asphalt is extremely affordable while being remarkably durable. Currently, asphalt is the most popular material used for roofs on residential properties. One of the benefits of using asphalt for your roof is that it is surprisingly simple to install. Asphalt shingles are lightweight and require no special tools or specific skills to set up. This type of roofing will allow you to get the job done quickly, with almost no downtime.

At Scott’s Lumber, we realize that every project is different. That is why it is just as important that we provide you with plenty of options. Just because asphalt is more affordable does not mean it lacks in style. Asphalt roofing is available is a number of different textures and thicknesses and can even be treated to prevent mildew and mold.

There are three different types of asphalt:

  • Basic
  • Laminated
  • Premium

Whether you are working on a residential or commercial space, we will have a good match for you. Also, asphalt is extremely tough and is built to last for a very long time. Come visit one of our locations today to check out our selection of asphalt roofing.

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